Human Resources is about finding the right employees with the right competencies at the right place at the right time. If succeeded, this will affect the customer experience which can be directly measured in quality and sales turnover. If your company has happy, proud and competent employees, it will be reflected in customer loyalty. This is what the itelligence HCM team is all about and we are dedicated to provide our customers with deliveries utilizing the full depth and breadth of the SuccessFactors suite. 

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SuccessFactors is a solution that consists of several HR modules. You can start with the processes that are most critical for your HR cycle. Get more insight about the modules by clicking the buttons in the figure below.

Success Stories

Read about some of itelligence's current HCM customers and how SuccessFactors have changed their businesses and HR processes. Click the logo to read the full story.

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itelligence offers a webinar about SuccessFactors/HCM.. on December 4th. You will learn ... and our expert will show you.. .And so on

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SuccessFactors HCM Suite

The HCM Suite drives business alignment, optimizes people performance and builds competitive advantage through people. The video below will help you get an impression of the functionalities and user interface.

To get a better understanding of how the modules work in practice, itelligence have created a real life story about Ryan, who goes through all HR processes in a company. Follow the link to watch a video of his journey.

Skills & Competencies

We have products to help you visualize your HCM data in order to make the right decisions. And we can help you make sure that your HCM data is reliable in the first place! Our 3D Cube is a reporting, analytics and data visualization SaaS platform designed to unify hybrid human capital and ERP data environment. Our it.DQ Guardian is a means to make securing and safeguarding data quality easy. And the Ingentis org.manager is a software for the creation of organizational charts and graphical HR controlling.

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Top Ten HR Trends

Human Capital Management

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For more information about SuccessFactors and itelligence's offerings, fill out the form and we will contact you. You can also book a private meeting with our experts in order to discuss possibilities for your company in person.

millenials will 
make up

1. The Coming of Age for Millennials
The first thing to consider is that digital natives now have a foot in their career ladders. As HR departments strive to accommodate the rise of millennials, the working environment is set to change completely.

of the global workforce

By 2050

75 %

2. Remote Access for all
One element to of the transformation is an increasing desire among employees to be able to work remotely. By offering staff access to highly secure mobile technologies, companies may enhance motivation and promote creativity as well as round-the-clock productivity.

3. Flexible Working Practices
Providing staff members the freedom to choose when and how they work can maximize their performance and encourage collaboration. With that freedom to work the way they want, employees should be more engaged and even more loyal.

71 %

of employees want to work more flexibly

4. Work-Life Balance
Allowing staff more downtime means they are able to reset sufficiently and start each working day full of energy and enthusiasm. Able to balance work and family life, employees are happier and more productive.

10. Employee Diversity
As well as age, differences in culture and gender mean a greater variety of skillsets, characteristics and attitudes among workforces. Research proves that heterogeneous teams deliver the best results. Companies need to be able to identify and combine these strengths.


of the employees attach great value to their work-life balance

9. "Always-On" Experience
Having grown up with social networks and mobile devices, today's employees are naturals in the technologies. This means that they are always well informed and able to make fast, sound decisions. To attract, retain and harness the brightest talent, enterprises now need to offer a modern, digitized workplace.

of millenials have a social networking profile

75 %

7. Desire for Improvement
With the increasing rate of change in the digital age, constant improvement is more essential than ever before. By providing regular training and the latest digital learning tools, your enterprise may boost its employees' performance and enhance their skillsets.

17 %

increase in employee performance

8. Corporate Social Engagement
Heads of HR must remember that staff are, above all, humans - and not merely resources. Making money is not the be-all and end-all; enterprises that show compassion for people, relationships and the environment are more attractive to potential employees.

5. Labor Market Transparency
When it comes to finding the right recruits, exploiting social media is key. This offers your company greater insight into labour market conditions, keeping you a step ahead of the competition in identifying and engaging top talents.

6. Real-Time Analytics
Exchanging employee data across platforms and between devices gives your organization a complete overview of the HR environment and the skills of your workforce. This helps answer personnel-related questions like whom to recruit and who has earned a bonus.

of recruitments are by means of LinkedIn

Using real-time analytics, Google boosted new employee productivity by

15 %

71 %

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